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Alma Mater & Fight Song

Alma Mater

Hail to Glory River Road

Faithful we will be.

Hearts are pledged to thee forever,

Banners high and free.

River Road, River Road,

Thee to be our shrine.

Always with the Gold and Purple,

Ever through all time.

Fight Song

Out on the plains of Old West Texas,  

There is a school that has much pep in it.

It’s called the Purple and Gold,

Oh yes it is.

River Road High School

It's name, oh yes it's name.

So if we win this game, or lose (WIN!),

It's River Road High School we’ll always choose.

So let us cheer once more for R R H S, River Road High School.

(CHANT) W I L D C A T S-  Wildcats, Wildcats, fight, fight fight!